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Entry-Level Program: $950 per month

Be a part of the LGBTQ+ conversation! Is your LGBTQ+ Marketing putting YOU and YOUR DESTINATION at the CENTER of LGBTQ+ Conversations online? Let us help AMPLIFY your message to a BROADER LGBTQ+ online audience, keeping your PRIDE message alive 24/7, 365 days per year!

Part 1 - Content Posting Strategy:
We will post up to 4 articles/videos/photo collages from your organization per month. Examples include:


We start with...






  - LinkedIn Post: National Pride Grant
  - LinkedIn Group Post: National Pride Grant
  - TikTok Post w/Brad Fuhr - What does 2023 hold?
  - Instagram Reel w/Brad Fuhr
  - Visit New Orleans
  - Visit Greater Palm Springs, Part 1
  - Visit Greater Palm Springs, Part 2
  - Gay Desert Guide
  - KGAY106.5 & VGPS
  - Nice Tourism
  - New Zealand Tourism
  - Italy Tourism
  - Visit Santa Cruz
  - Provincetown Tourism
  - Hawaii Tourism Authority
  - THEATRE: Museum of Broadway
  - THEATRE: Shooting Star - The Musical
  - MOVIES & FILM: The Inspection
  - MOVIES & FILM: Outshine Film Festival
  - AUTHORS & BOOKS: Mark Olmsted
  - AUTHORS & BOOKS: Blake Allwood

We will develop a content marketing strategy that works with YOUR CONTENT in the form of blog posts, articles, photos and video. We will post YOUR content, including an editorial strategy that includes content updates from your team, as well as influencer content that is developed on your behalf, to keep your organization in front of your target LGBTQ+ audience 24/7.

$950 offering is a lighter version of what is shown above, excluding paid advertising campaigns

Part 2 - Content Monitoring Strategy:
For your organization, once per week we will engage with the content outlined below and ensure your organization is a part of these online conversations, in the form of likes, ReTweets, comments and posted content:

  - LGBTQ+ posts that are related to your organization and/or destination
  - LGBTQ+ influencer posts that are related to your organization and/or destination
  - LGBTQ+ news and other content that is related to your organization and/or destination,
       posting on Twitter and sharing via our #ILoveGay network
  - LGBTQ+ events that are related to your organization and/or destination

Cost: $950 per month, minimum 6 month contract
    - Pay for 1 year in advance, and receive 2 months free!
To Get Started, Pay Online Here

Guaranteed Performance: 25,000 impressions of your content, minimum, in one month

Ideal for tourism & destinations, theatre companies, films, music, books, corporate diversity & inclusion messaging & outreach, events including Pride and so much more.

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